May 182016

On May 18th, 2016 I decided to read Asimov’s biography of scientist number [518]. He is William Hallowes Miller, a Welsh mineralogist, who is best known for his system of describing any crystal plane using three integers, nowadays called Miller indices.

When I did a Google search of W. H. Miller, only one seemingly legit, yet very tiny, image of him showed up. I talked to myself “If no profile image of him can be found, it would be very difficult to sculpt him.” And unfortunately that tends to be the only image of him remains to this day.


At first I had quite a hard time brainstorming an idea for a full figure sculpture of Miller, since very few traces of his personality get mentioned on the Internet. “Miller index funny”, “Miller index joke”, “Miller index meme” all did not yield any good inspiration.

But then I searched for “crystal”, and got distracted by “crystal meth”, “crystal healing”, and “chakras”. The last one ironically came across as a potential source for ideas. I knew that I found some fun way to make a connection between out man’s excellent achievement and something else that is a bit more accessible to a wider audience.

That’s a short story about how I came up with my idea for my sculpture of William Hallowes Miller. Please stay tuned for future updates!

Credit: Miller indices illustration (cropped) by Felix Kling.

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